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I finally got web pages up on the Rosenkavalier suit and the pink Venetian.

There are gallery and diary pages for both and I've tried to give proper credit for all photos snapped so please feel free to rsvp here if I got something wrong. :-)

I have more to do on the site and some kinks to work out still - like still getting the wrong banner text on the new pages, grrrrrr - but life keeps intruding so it's slow going...

Without further adieu, I hope you like them...
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So, I've been mining all your lovely Costume College photos for pix and I came to realize something.

There was a crap-load of fabulous goin' on there that I just didn't get to see. :-(

Next year, I gotta be where the in crowd is, just so I can see what ya'll are wearin'. LOL!

On another topic, I am mourning the loss of my brown shearling coat again. It's cold, I'm on the way out the door to a band rehearsal and that's the only coat that will go with what I have on. Alas, It got beaned with an egg last Halloween by some grown man with the emotional maturity of an 8 year old.

So, now I'm thinking of painting it again. What would you use to paint a leather with the texture of chamois? It has to be flexible, but not chip.
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Despite the cat situation at home, I just wanted to say that Costume College was great fun and all y'all are FAAAAAAAAAAB-u-lous! I am so glad to have met so many of you in the flesh and hope all you travelers got home safe and sound with as little hassle as possible.

To my local WASABI girls, you rock harder than anyone has rocked before!

To the rest of you from LJ-Land, the pleasure was all mine. Truly. What a wonderful, creative, sexy, genuinely nice group of people, and FUNNY. I'm sorry I didn't get to spend more time with you all. I can't wait until next year!

Next year... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... what can I sew now? *mumble* *mumble* *mumble*


Jul. 27th, 2007 09:33 pm
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Tension headaches severely impact my few remaining sewing hours. :-(

Two days in a row.

And don't get me started on why people who get hot are ALWAYS accommodated by turning up the air conditioning while people who get cold are told to put on a sweater.

I really, really wanted to get the sleeves in the coat tonight.
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The gala outfit is careening toward "real costume" status. This evening I have satisfied two of the four requirements: I bled on it and I have ripped out a major part that needs redoing.

Isn't that special?

And just for general curiosity, how in blazes is anyone supposed to get anything sewn with that damn Harry Potter book staring at me? I'm stealing moments with it at lunchtime and trying to avert my eyes in the evening so I'm not naked in 10 days. It ain't easy, especially since it seems all of you lot have finished it already!

All your sewing is done then? Is it? Hem hem?
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I got a lot done Saturday on the gala outfit. The bodice is done except for closures, the bottom half is done excpet for hemming and attaching the waistband. Then that will also need closures.

Now I'm on to the jacket, which is cut out and the trim applied. That will also need closures - I need to make a crap-load of buttons, but I may actually be able to pull this off! LOL!

However, there has been a shadow in the back of my mind that has been growing over the last couple of weeks. I have thought many times and then shoved out of my mind what I am to do about SHOES! I have no shoes to go with the gala outfit nor the pink venetian. Nor do I feel like shelling out a bunch of dough for new ones. I have other accessories I'll need to pull together as well and I will not have time to sew new undies or make wigs from scratch.

We shall see what happens.
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Well, I started to make the bodice last night for the gala outfit and the fabric I've based the entire outfit around won't work. It's hand embroidered and too uneven for me to be able to match two sides. I can't tell you how crest fallen I was. *sniff* *cue dramatic music*

I had decided to scrap the whole project and start something else I want to make when my dearest hubby says, "I think you need to get your ass to the fabric store and buy what you need to make this work."

Have I mentioned before how much I love this man? I think he's feeling giddy because he just got himself a Gretsch White Falcon - THE pimpest guitar on the planet. :-)

So, I'm taking a long lunch today and heading downtown to get fabric. :-)
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Still pluggin' away. Got the bottom half well underway last night and it's too tight because I'm stress eating cookies and ice cream all the time now. I've got a little room to let it out; I just hope it doesn't leave needle holes in the taffeta. If I am not done with all the machine work by the end of the weekend I shall have to rethink what to wear to the gala.

Oh yeah, Wednesday night is now a band rehearsal. Which is cool. Love the band. Need to sew. Love the band. Need to sew. Can I sew while singing? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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I have so far avoided cutting into the real fabric for the gala outfit, but I have toiled 'till I cain't toile's no more. It's such a pretty blue & gold shot taffeta and I'd hate to ruin it. Wish me luck!
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I got two of the three pieces successfully mocked up for the gala outfit (which are hilarious in a sort of disturbing way) and got distracted by the stays & petticoat for the chemise dress. *sigh*

I found some pale banana yellow silk in my stash and it was just enough to make a petticoat. I want to get the Diderot stays sewn together by tomorrow night so I can use the holiday weekend to sew all that blessed binding.

Question for the 18c people out there - on a petti for the chemise dress, would that be fairly light or should it have some body to it? I'm using dupioni flat-lined with light cotton muslin and will pleat it back and front to tapes, but I was contemplating binding the hem with this really heavy linen/mohair velvet I have. It will have the same effect as cording it once but I don't want it to stick out too much if it's not supposed to.

What do you think?
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Pinkie is almost done; just turning back the front edge of the skirt and whipping up the back seam of the sleeves. I have to decide on a few details... buttons or ties on the sleeves? To partlet or not to partlet? The desired shoulder and neck ruffs will depend on a lucky shopping trip. If I don't find what I need cheap it's a no-go. This thing is more like a Fat Tuesday costume than anything I could wear to a period event - maybe for May Day - so I don't want to spend any more money on it.

The Gala outfit, though... well, that's another matter. *grin* I just drafted out my base pattern from a good source and I'm dyin' to work on it! But it is for a much different body type than I am. Do I make it fit me? Or do I shape my underthings so I fit IT with more accurate lines?

I've never made anything remotely like this before. At all. I've looked at countless photos of the real thing and there are just some details I can't suss out. If I show up in something already on my website, you'll know something went horribly wrong.
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Oh my God! I didn't even take into account that I will HAVE to spend precious, precious Costume College sewing time READING THE LAST HARRY POTTER BOOK!

Ok, here's what I'm wearing:
1. jeans
2. jeans
3. jeans
4. jeans
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Well, I didn't get into Kendra OR Sarah's classes. :-( I did get the goldwork embroidery class (YAY!) and the wire mask-making class. Wait-listed for the pressing matters class.

As for posting my list of what I'm wearing, that would imply that I'm going to get anything done. As you can tell from my last few posts, I am skeptical on this point.

I did get a little more done on binding the edges of the little paned sleeve-head pieces for Pinkie. I'm REALLY hoping I get that thing finished this weekend so I can start on the gala outfit.

If I get the gala outfit done with any time left (which is doubtful) then I'll try to get a chemise dress together. I really want to make that Kyoto zone-front jacket for that. Yeah. Um. Ok.

I need a vacation. Or a time-turner!
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I have been sewing, honest, just nothing worth taking pix of yet.

I have all the guts sewn of the new Pink Venetian and I've figured out the layout and style for the rest of it. I think I'll make it fairly late so I can have a go at those shoulder ruffs, and probably do a split front skirt just to make it a little different. Now all I need is a pretty green silk for the petticoat - I already have a gorgeous pink/gold/green zari trim for it.

I also bought trim for my 18c zone-front Kyoto coat. :-) I have some creme dupioni in my stash for that. Then I need some organdy for the skirt/chemise dress underneath. That should be quite fluffy.

And I think I have everything I need for the gala outfit other than the balls to start it... Just kidding. I hope I can knock out Pinkie by next week (excepting sleeves if I get fancy-schmancy) and can start on the gala duds.

Just about 2 months of sewing time to go...


May. 21st, 2007 09:21 am
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I HATE getting riled up to work on something and running in to roadblock after roadblock until I get so frustrated I throw the whole thing down and stop working.


I finally got my fabric for Pinkie (the pink Venetian) and it's going to be a challenge. It's sooo pretty even if it is, well, fuchsia not pink. It's briiiiiiight! Still, it's very pretty, but not exactly the same as the image on the auction. With the color that vibrant it will probably wear me, though, instead of me wearing it.

Anyhoo, it's 144" with wide borders on both sides. After chopping off ~27" to make the bodice and sleeves with, that's going to leave me with only about 110" in the skirt. That's a little skimpy for my taste but there's not much I can do about it. :-( Since it has the borders woven on, I can't gore it. But I am going to look into railroading it... I'd probably have to add a velvet guard or something to make it long enough, but I might be able to do that. *sigh* we'll see.

As for the rant above, I dug through EVERYTHING and have no canvas or duck to use in the bodice. I planned where I want the trim, boning, etc. but couldn't get further than planning for now. My pattern for the red Venetian still works so I don't have to toile from scratch. Depending on what I do for sleeves, this may be a fairly quick dress!

I know, I know. Famous last words...
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I just bought fabric for a pink Venetian. And it's GORGEOUS!

I am a sick woman and must be stopped.
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Ok, too many posts, some of which seem to be by people I am not LJ friends with... I need some CC clarification, please! I'm not sayin' I'm makin' all these, just askin' IN CASE I want to make all these... ;-)

Thursday night = 16c?
Friday = pink Venetians all day or just at night?
Saturday = free-for-all then the gala?
Sunday = undie breakfast, then chemise dresses?

Is that the trend? Somebody please hit me with the clue-by-four.

In other news, I have sewn nothing on the PDSvN dress all week. I did draft out the pattern for the pinking/slashing for the sleeve lining, but that's about it. I went to Disneyland with the family on Tuesday and I'm still recovering.Tonight I have to actually wash clothes to have something to wear to faire tomorrow - well, maybe not. If I wear the pink Augsburg I don't need to do laundry, but I usually like to save that for when it gets really hot.

I'm beginning to think I need to stop worrying about getting the PDSvN done for faire. If I let it be and do it right it will be perfect for CC'07 and with the added benefit of not having been worn in the dirt first.
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Every year I look on the Cosume College website and lament all the cool things I'm missing by not attending. For the first time, I get my crap together enough togo this year and all the classes I wanted from the past are not offered!

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty that I want to take and I am happy to try to get into some that friends are teaching, but doesn't it seem like the schedule is a little thinner overall from past years?

Two things I am avoiding and I hope it is the right choice... I didn't want to take any classes I'd have to bring my machine to (it weighs a metric ton), and I didn't sign up for any tours since I live here and can get to almost everything.

I just wanted to spend more time being there and hanging out with the people I only "see" online. Is that so wrong? ;-)
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Just a couple of rows left on the pendant sleeves and I can't start putting the thing together! Oh, no I can't... then I can start pinking & slashing the sleeve linings. Yeah, that's next.

In other news, I picked my Costume College classes and have to mail them in. I really want to do metal embroidery but what's the deal with it being 8 hours? Or moreso, what's the deal with saying it's an 8 hour class then listing it from 11-5? Um, is that 8 hours? Am I missing something?

Also, what's with so many classes needing you to bring your sewing machine? I know most people have machines that weigh less than the anchor of the Queen Mary, but mine is SO not portable! LOL!

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