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Ok, so you know my hosts servers went kaBLOOey and ate everything on them and they won't pick up the phone. Bastards.

So I found anew host and have been trying to get my site put back together for a while now. Well, it's back up and it has a new look. And a couple new pages but they aren't done yet... Give me a few hours tonight and I'll have pictures, I promise!

I'd really like some input on the new look - like is it too hard to read? What fonts show on your screen? I'm using Maiandra & Harrington but they aren't SUPER common so I wonder what shows on a system that doesn't have them.

Anyway, any suggestions are welcome.
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Have you ever noticed how much more often we all updated our websites before this whole LJ thang came along? I don't even know how long my site had been down, it had been so long since I went to it. :-(

Well, now that I have to find a new host, and I've been meaning to get pages up on the CC clothes and rearrange my daughter's pages, I'm actually working on it again. LOL! It's fun and it gives me something to do now that I'm not frantically sewing for Costume College.

I do have a to do list brewing:
16c Nobleman - client
PDSvN - my lazy a$$
16c dress - me
16c Nobleman - another client

It looks like I'm stuck in the 16c for the next year! That's not bad, except that I'm oddly desiring to do nothing but 18c. I've started binding my Diderot stays and I really do want to throw together the chemise dress, just to have it. Then I have the gray & yellow Anglaise and the Kyoto zone-front to make. I have all the materials for every one of these outfits except the two client-driven noblemen.

Now all I need is enough energy to do it all!


Feb. 21st, 2007 09:02 am
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Yeah, you heard me, I said website. I know, i know, I haven't updated it since, oh, last July (!), but job changes, computer changes, not having a web editor program until last month, and not knowing enough html to do it by hand... you get the idea.

I've been working like mad on it though in the last few days and will have it updated any day now with Actual Costume Content (tm) and some GREAT new pics of Claire on her pages. As soon as I resolve the nameserver issue. WTF?

Ok. My Webhost merged with another company and they upgraded all their servers so I have to go and update the nameservers to point to the right place, right? Well, I can't remember who my registrar was so I go look on Whois, right? Whois tells me my registrar is eNom, who I KNOW is not who I used, nnnkay? So, I go to eNom and look it up there and they say that it's now owned by some anonymous reseller so they can't help me, and this reseller has put a lock on it so I can't transfer it to another registrar, see? I need to renew it by the middle of next month and re-point the nameserver and I can't even figure out who has it nor can I transfer it to someone else! W. T. F!!! How is this legal?

So, dear readers, once I get THAT all worked out, I'll be updatin' the site like mad. Right now, I don't even know if you can see it at all right now so I won't post a link. It's all 6-month-old-content now anyway...


Speaking of websites, I have a question for the web-savvy among you. Currently I have my main site (which is Claire's) and two subsites (one each for me and the DH) set up as I know on my host service I have the ability to make the subsites but I don't know how to set that up. I have the subsite name created on the server but I don't know how to upload that way. Or do I just have it exist and point to
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And took off the right-click-diabling on my website. I left on only the pages that have photos given to my by pro-photogs, and that's only maybe 3 pages with a total of 8-10 pix. That was annoying to me almost as soon as I did it and [personal profile] liadethornegge's rant finally got me to fix it. :-)
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Ok, I've revamped the whole site structure so now you don't have to read my silly, long-winded diaries to see the finished dresses. The Diaries page now goes to gallery pages on all finished projects, and then you can link to the diary page for that dress if you feel like torturing yourself.

I've also gotten some lovely shots from professional photographers of this year's run. I've added links from dress gallery pages to include shots of the Venetian, the Saxon, the Augsburg, and the Big Pig. They have all been very kind in giving me permission to post, and I am very happy to have some nice photos of my clothes "in the wild."

Speaking of the Big Pig has its own page now instead of being thrown into the Other Costumes gallery. There's also a small update on the PDSvN dress but if you've been slogging through my LiveJournal there's nothing new there.

UPDATE: i forgot to mention that if you have any links to my sight you may have to update them... Sorry about that.

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I finally got some work done on my website... WOO HOO!

Updates on the Augsburg, a little on the Red English gown, a new page on the turning my old surcote into a fitted English gown (thank you, Tudor Tailor!) and the pink dress page is almost ready!

Speaking of the pink dress page, Michaela & Myra, I'd love to put yours on there if it's ok with you two. I will have links to your pages for each dress, and I am working in a script to prevent people from taking photos off my pages, I just haven't figured out yet how to make it work with galleries... ggggggrrrrrrrrrr
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I have a web site question for you, if you don't mind... :-) 

I have a small script designed to keep people from being able to right-click and take photos off my pages. It works great on my main pages. The problem comes in when I link to a larger picture from a thumbnail or gallery. The page it "creates" to view the larger photo is not a real web page created by me, so I cannot add the protection script to it. 

So, I noticed on Jen's site, that when she links to a larger photo, an actual theme-integrated page pops up for viewing. If anyone out there can tell me, how do I create one page that I can code and theme my own way that will display any photo someone clicks on within the site? Is this possible without using frames? 

I hate it when I run smack into the wall of my limited knowledge...

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