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Ok, if I plan to spend an evening hollowing out a head to make room for a ball of foil, and start a second head wrapped around a ball of foil, it might help if I HAD SOME FRIKKIN' FOIL IN THE HOUSE!!!!!

What a waste of an evening. I tried to make a pair of shoes but this doll has cankles so I'll need to make fabric shoes and cinch in the cankles when I attach them. I did make a semi-successful pair of hands out of sculpey. If you read the web page on the doll you know my first attempts at fabric hands resulted in fingers too small to turn and getting flipped off by my unfinished doll (no wonder I hate this thing). My mom wasn't even able to turn them and she knows how to do this stuff. She made me an extra pair of hands but they're too big.

*sigh* So, this is how I feel about this doll again and I can feel my resolve crumbling and my desire ebbing away... sorry mom.
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I like it so much less in these pictures than I do in the "flesh." Huuuurmmmmmmmm
Ah, well, there's an update to the whole doll page here and more to come after much carving tonight.
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So... in 2004 my mother asked if I would want to put a doll into a show she was heading up for her doll club. Needless to say, I said yes. Needless to say,  never got it done. I hate being so predictable.

The whole sordid tale up to that point is here, but there is more to come. She said that this year participation was a little light and the club was gong to hold a stick-n-bitch to get dolls done for the show, and would I like to participate and finally finish that darned doll I've been promising her. The gathering is next Sunday and I have some things to do this week to get it ready for finishing then.

I am immensly unhappy with the head and though I'd like to try sculpting one out of modeling clay. So, thats what I've been doing today. What a pain! Every time I get one part of the face in good shape I push another part out of shape just trying to hold on to it while I'm working. gggrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I finally have it in ok shape so I'm leaving for the evening, taking hubby to dinner for papa's day and I gt back to it with a fresh eye tomorrow.

Is anyone out there experienced with Premo Sculpey? I have no idea how long to cook this thing... It's a head, LOL, about 2"x2.5"x2". Any advice? Will it change shape or shrink at all while cooking? I'd hate to ruin it now...

UPDATE: I chatted with my mama tonight and when I asked her about baking this stuff she said, "Oh no, I've always put a ball of tinfoil in the middle with a thin layer of clay over it for doll heads. Otherwise it will never finish baking and the outside might crack before the inside ever hardens." Now I know. I guess it's ok - I'm not too heartboken. I was going to try another head tomorrow (maybe two or three) and use the best one, espeically since the first on is very "character-ey" and looks vaguely like a cross between Patrick Stewart and Audrey Hepburn on steroids. When hubby got home I proudly presented it to him and he looked frightened, backed away from it, and asked if he could squish it because it was so disturbing. Yes, I have pictures and I'll post as soon as I get them off the camera. :-) Like I said, it looks character-ey, but I was happy it just looked at all like a head, since I've never done anything like this before. LOL!

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