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Well, I made it down to FIDM on Wednesday to get a quick look at the Skeeter Suit... It's basically just a straight pencil skirt with a back slit, ending at the middle of the calf muscle. SOOOOOOO glad I drove all the way downtown to see that. *rolls eyes* They had the suit in a cluster of mannequins, positioned in such a way that any real view I could have gotten of the back was blocked by Cho & Fleur's dresses. Still, I was able to see some seaming on the coat that I hadn't seen in photos. The back has a waist seam like a peplum. Interesting.

I also saw the shoes she wore with it which was cool because you NEVER saw her shoes in the movie.

Several other cool costumes from other movies there as well, but I had limited time and no photography allowed. Bummer. I always like seeing the real costumes because shooting on film does interesting things to color and texture and it's fascinating to see clothes that look completely different when filmed. Claire & daddy came too and even they had fun looking at the stuff. :-) Even if the batman suit scared Claire... *sigh*
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A little progress on Claire's pink dress for visiting the faire. I have the skirt trimmed and the bodice sewn and turned - tiny little straps.... Haven't decided what to do for sleeves, yet. Depends on how ambitious I feel. LOL!

My Rita Skeeter fabric came in and my dvd has been viewed. Well, no where in the movie nor special features do we get to see the bottom of her skirt! I did see in the film that the back of the jacket come to a little point, and is vented from the waist, like a mini tailcoat. Very cute. I may decide to work the back of the skirt the same way because I have no idea how to finish it off. Also, it looks to me like the only part of the whole outfit that might be lined is the body of the jacket. The skirt and sleeves look to me like they're unlined just by the way the wrinkle and move. Her charmeuse might be a slightly heavier weight than mine, but I have some silk organza I may flatline it with to heft it up.

Hey [ profile] colleency, didn't you already see the FIDM movie costume exhibit? This green suit is in there... I don't suppose you remember what the bottom half of her skirt looked like, eh? Or anyone else out there who may have been to the FIDM exhibit already?

Just a public service notice for anyone out there who may be thinking of asking any favors of me today, Claire was up all night with an earache and mommy is really cranky. :-(

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