I am bad.

Jul. 31st, 2006 07:31 pm
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I should be working on my show. Yes I should.

Instead I am reading all of your progress on your CC wardrobes, trying to finish a corset and combinations for the Sundie Undie breakfast, and otherwise avoiding The Show That Eats My Brain.

I think there's something weird about this one because every time I look at my spreadsheets that are supposed to help me organize these 70 costumes, my brain goes pear-shaped and I find myself wandering in a field 3 miles away, missing 2 hours of my life. Again, my butt doesn't hurt so it can't be aliens. It's the show.
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Well, I've met about 2/3 of my cast for Traviata... *gulp*

Roughly 10 principals (at least 7 of which need 2-4 costumes each) and a 47 member chorus! *GULP* Did I mention it goes up August 4th? *faint*

Well, I did just hear back from an old colleague that has ~20 ballgowns built for a Die Fledermaus from about 14 years ago... She'll loan them to me for a small donation to her program. That helps tremendously. Now if only more of these "pro" singers owned their own tail coats...

Honestly, how are you gonna try and be a pro singer around town and not own your own tail coat or performance ballgown? Am I old-fashioned? Bah!

In other news, my folks came for a visit today and I got to work on my doll project with my mother near by to give me advice and unending patience. She also has these really cool tools for turning little fingers... So, I now have hands and a head I can live with, YEAH! I ended up laughing with her about the clay heads and went to work on the original fabric one again. I stripped it down to the base layer and built up the features from scratch, put a new "skin" on it and re-sculpted it. This is where mama's advice is invaluable since this is what her specialty is. She brought a sample head with her (that started life looking like a potato) and sat next to me showing how to sculpt certain areas just to get them to stand out a little better. It's basic stuff but I didn't want it to be too involved, just serviceable. So, I'll try and get the features painted on tonight before bed and take pics tomorrow.
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Well I finally got the show schedule and, yes, dress rehearsal is the same night as the CC get together. :-( BIG unhappiness. 

I will extend the invitation to all, though, for the show. This year we are doing La Traviata - tied for my favorite with Riggoletto - and it's free! This is part of a summer music festival done every year in Redlands at a beautiful amphitheater. It's fully staged and costumed with minimal sets (yep, amphitheater) and the singing is always very good, and with a full orchestra. The Violetta sang our Mimi in Boheme a couple of years ago and has one of the prettiest voices I've heard. [profile] sewphisticate would like her - she sounds similar to Freni & Millo. 

People come from all over to see these shows and many come on the dress rehearsal night as well. So, the show is August 4th, the dress is August 3rd, and info is here if anyone can make it - it's less than an hour's drive from CC. :-) Bring a picnic and blanket  - you may chose grassy hills or benches. Oh, and don't forget your bug spray! :-)

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