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I got so much done on the daughter's mermaid costume. I was so stalled I was very tempted just to buy one of the packages at the party store, to my utter shame. I went home and tried again and thought if I couldn't overcome this damn thing I'd go back and buy one last evening. It's still not as good as I want it to be but it will look acceptable and she likes it. :-)

I just have to secure the tail fins a little better, finish off the ends of the sequin trim, and add a little hook & eye to the neck opening on the skin-shirt. If I can, I want to add little pearls at the neck to hide that edge of the shirt.

This is not one I'm as proud of as the Snow White or Cinderella but honestly, how well can you make a fish tail that a 4 year old can move in? gggggggrrrrrr
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How in the @*&^@&!#$@ do you sew spandex??? Give me 12 layers of brocade and I'm good. The finest silk organza? Fine. Add a little stretch and I'm a goner... I'd love some real tips on working with this stuff besides pin Pin PIN the crap out of it 'cause it's slippery as h*ll.

I have ball-tipped needles, a regular machine and a serger. Now all I need is the little elves to come and make my daughter's costume in the night...

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