Feb. 8th, 2008 04:41 pm
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The fabric stamping page is up!

My site is still doing some weird things so there's an unfinished sentence at the bottom I couldn't correct, but at least the page is there.

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Ok, so would it bug all y'all to pieces if I got the plus account with the ads? I want more userpics and don't wanna pay for 'em.

Obligatory Costume Content: I can't win fer loosin', as they say...

I'm dying to work on my queen dress but I seriously can't do anything until I can get my hands on brass jewel settings so I know how wide to make the silk guards. And I'm too broke to buy them right now. :-(

I could work on the PDSvN dress since I can't work on Queenie, but since I want to work on Queenie so badly I can't get up the interest to work on the PDSvN.

I know. pathetic.
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I got off my ass and pulled out the PDSvN gown so I can start lining the skirt and I couldn't find the lining material anywhere. ANYWHERE! That was enough to derail me so I slugged for the rest of the evening with my daughter.

I actually will have somewhere to wear this thing in November if I can get it done.
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With her kind permission, may I introduce to you the lovely [profile] orbfa

Sonya contacted me a while back to chat about our mutual love for the PDSvN dress and hash out some troublesome construction issues. I have not finished mine but she has and it's lovely. It is all handsewn and I am especially taken with the balance of the trim to the overal look of the gown. 

There are a couple of pictures here:

She has a dress diary of it here, and here's a little taste to whet your appetite...


May. 2nd, 2007 08:54 pm
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Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody...

Well, not really. But it was another night and I ain't did no sewin'. Ever since I ordered the pink fabric for the new Venetian I can't think of anything else, so I'm not working on the PDSvN. Of course, I don't HAVE the pink fabric yet so I'm not working on that either. Then I sat down and dragged out Corsets & Crinolines to start on a set of Diderot stays for the future Chemise Dress, but I was too lazy to draft them out when I know I can scan them tomorrow at the office and scale them up in photoshop before fitting them. SO much faster. I am actually more attracted to other stays in the book but this would be my first 18c stays so I don't want to shoot myself in the foot. If I screw these up I'll be disgusted and never get to fixing them nor making the dress. *sigh* It can be painful to know oneself so well...

Bottom line, I SHOULD be drawing the pinking design on the PDSvN sleeves.

But I'm not.

If life wasn't so crazy right now I'd be at WASABI sewing, but that is not do-able either. Man, everything would be so much simpler if I didn't have to work...

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I think I've pretty much given up on getting the PDSvN dress done for this run of faire. That's ok. I don't want to kill myself and I want to do it right; and I really didn't want to drag it through teh dirt before Costume College. I didn't sew on it at all last week - the trip to Disneyland really wore me out and I didn't work on anything again until last night.

I DID get the last of the trim onto the sleeves (with the exception of two strips needed to be stitched down on one side because I ran out of gray thread) and it is getting me so excited! I test-draped the skirt and sleeves onto my dress dummy over the kirtle and I wanna wear it now!

I even took pix and updated the webpage... TEE HEE!

I also got a bunch of pix from Easter and the trip to Disneyland up on Claire's pages, if you wanna see cuteness...
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Ok, too many posts, some of which seem to be by people I am not LJ friends with... I need some CC clarification, please! I'm not sayin' I'm makin' all these, just askin' IN CASE I want to make all these... ;-)

Thursday night = 16c?
Friday = pink Venetians all day or just at night?
Saturday = free-for-all then the gala?
Sunday = undie breakfast, then chemise dresses?

Is that the trend? Somebody please hit me with the clue-by-four.

In other news, I have sewn nothing on the PDSvN dress all week. I did draft out the pattern for the pinking/slashing for the sleeve lining, but that's about it. I went to Disneyland with the family on Tuesday and I'm still recovering.Tonight I have to actually wash clothes to have something to wear to faire tomorrow - well, maybe not. If I wear the pink Augsburg I don't need to do laundry, but I usually like to save that for when it gets really hot.

I'm beginning to think I need to stop worrying about getting the PDSvN done for faire. If I let it be and do it right it will be perfect for CC'07 and with the added benefit of not having been worn in the dirt first.
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Just a couple of rows left on the pendant sleeves and I can't start putting the thing together! Oh, no I can't... then I can start pinking & slashing the sleeve linings. Yeah, that's next.

In other news, I picked my Costume College classes and have to mail them in. I really want to do metal embroidery but what's the deal with it being 8 hours? Or moreso, what's the deal with saying it's an 8 hour class then listing it from 11-5? Um, is that 8 hours? Am I missing something?

Also, what's with so many classes needing you to bring your sewing machine? I know most people have machines that weigh less than the anchor of the Queen Mary, but mine is SO not portable! LOL!
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... is digging out all my hairpieces and finding that not one of them matches my current color.

I've been quiet the last few days because I'm forcing myself to spend my evenings adding yard upon yard of trim to the PDSvN dress instead of floating around online. It's coming along nicely and I am quite excited, even if I didn't get it done for this weekend. Still, it's coming together! :-)

However, that does mean I have to pull something else together for Faire this weekend, andthat always means doing a little repair work from the wear & tear of last year. I'm pulling the Fitted English Gown off the rack and getting that tidyed up - I finally took up the back a little so I won't get a wrinkle at my back waist. And I finally added real ties to the undersleeve wrists (after how many years?). *sigh*

So, tonight I have to pirate some old sausage curls I think will match my current hair and make a nice braided bun, and possibly make a new girdle or pouch to hang low. I haven't decided. Then pack up tomorrow and head off to faire on Saturday. I am really looking forward to it.

The PDSvN progress will continue Monday night.
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Having been waylaid on Saturday by my second migraine of the month, less trim was affixed than could have been.


Somethin's gotta give with these headaches. I can't live like this. I used to get maybe 8 a year; now I'm getting 2 a month, sometimes 3. *sigh*

I am also resigned to not having the PDSvN done for this weekend. I will just work away at it and wear it when I can and hope it's not a hot weekend when it's ready.

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Lesson One. 
When buying trim, stick to trims that can be sewn on by machine unless you intend to apply less than one yard of it.

Lesson Two.
When attempting to recreate a dress with an excess of 50 yards of trim, see lesson one.

Lesson Three.
When sitting and hand applying this more than 50 yards of said non-machine-sewable trim, do not freak out if the dress is not done when you thought it would be.

Lesson Four.
WWKD actually works. :-)

I am applying WWKD as much as possible this weekend to see if I can get all the trim on the main dress done. I think I can get the dress put together during the week IF I don't have to spend any more time past Sunday night on trim. 

Assuming that is true, then I need to make a decision. I can probably get the dress wearable without the pinked & slashed lining to the pendant sleeves, and with a fairly plain set of undersleeves. If I do this, I will probably never get around to replacing those parts. If I want to finish the dress properly, it will probably take another 2-3 weeks.

I won't know until Sunday night how much will be possible. Until then, I'll apply WWKD liberally to the affected area.

Just keep sewing! Just keep sewing! Just keep sewing!

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When I so desperately need to be at home sewing? Really now! I actually worked a little on the PDSvN this weekend (shock!) and spent 3 precious days getting one row of trim onto the overskirt. 3 days! Now I don't have the luxury of sewing for any length of time in a row, but still, 3 days for one row of trim because it can't be done by machine.  *sheesh*

The good new is that it is perfectly even and exactly where I want it. If I had been able to do it by machine, the presser foot would have shoved it around and been messy. At least that's the ray of sunshine I'm clinging to for taking so long... 

And since we're on hissy-fit ranting... Oh we're not?


Mar. 30th, 2007 12:03 pm
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Well, last night I realized that if I want to make a grand entrance this year I have to have this whole PDSvN thang done two weeks from today!

... and then I didn't sew a stitch...

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As done as I'll make it right now. There's some hand-finishing I need to do on the inside and it really needs to be pressed. But it's wearable and now I can move on to the overdress. *shudder*

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Towards the end of every work week I look forward to the weekend and all the good sewing time so I can make progress on my projects. Then, come Monday morning, I chastise myself for the little or nothing I actually got done.

It's about time I wake up and smell the machine oil.

I do nothing on the weekends, sewing-wise. Never have, Never will. I like to loaf, read, hang out with my family, eat. That's what my weekends are. There's no point in beating myself up over my non-productiveness during time well spent doing other lazy things.

I get the most done on weekday evenings when the DH is teaching. I'll just have to let that be.

On to the Costume Question(tm):
I am planning the pinking & slashing design for the inside of the PDSvN hanging sleeves. I have a good chisel for the larger slashes, but what do I use for the little tiny holes? I tried my awl on a test piece but the holes close up too much since it doesn't actually break any threads. I am a little wary about using something like the tip of an exacto because it's hard to get the exact same size of cuts every time from an angled blade like that.

Any tips? It will be on dupioni with a VERY light iron-on backing.
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Against [personal profile] colleency's better judgment and at considerable risk to my sanity, I had to take the strapwork off the kirtle and add the new trim. I am weak and just couldn't take knowing it was there, even if no one would see it but me. LOL!

So, clicky for webpage=webpage has piccie. :-) I guess I need a new icon now, too eh? Damn, I'll never get lighting that good again...
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I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice. I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice. I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice. I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice. I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice. I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice. I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice. I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice…

Maybe it’s the Ides doing it to me, but I am immensely bugged by the trim contrast on my PDSvN kirtle. I got the back half of the skirt attached last night and I’ve started and stared at the front and can’t get over it. Ggggrrrrrr.

A short recap of my tale of woe, which began in 2005 when I started this gown. I really didn’t like the original undersleeves so I thought I’d do a fake strapwork undersleeve (like this doublet in Janet Arnold). That I liked. I tested my idea on a strip down the front of the kirtle bodice, which I liked, and thought I’d continue that down the front of the skirt instead of more silver passemeterie (of which I already had 55 yards of and would need every bit of it for the overdress). So far, so good, except when I started the strapwork on the sleeves it didn’t turn out very nice at all. After trying to apply it by hand which was too uneven to lay properly, and by machine which tore up the gimp no matter how fine a needle I used, I abandoned the idea. I have not yet decided how to approach new undersleeves and will leave that to the last, I’m sure, but I have wasted a significant amount of my green silk in cutting all the little strips. Ggrrrr

So anyway, fast forward a few years. I find the perfect wide silver passementerie trim to place on the kirtle and I do so to my satisfaction. The problem is, the trim goes ‘round the hem and up the front, and stops at my little patch of strapwork. It’s not that I don’t like the strapwork; it’s that to my eye the trim should continue to the neckline. I like everything about this kirtle except that and I really am stretched for time. I don’t want to have to try and remove the strapwork and apply new trim because I know something would happen and I’d end up ruining it and I don’t have enough fabric to make a new one and it’s NOT GOING TO SHOW UNDER THE DRESS ANYWAY!!!

…I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice. I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice. I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice. I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice. I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice. I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice. I will not rip apart and remake my kirtle bodice…

In other news, I won the office diet contest! LOL! I lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks and there’s still 3 more weeks in Lent so I’m pretty sure I’ll reach my goal. I may even be able to get back into the Big Pig in time for faire! *happy dance with less wiggling than before*
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I actually updated my site and my PDSvN page! YAY ME! LOL!

Check it out if you're interested at all in my lack of progress on this dress, or want to see pix of the finished effigy bodies...

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I LOVE Elizabethan clothes! Sing it wid meh!

I got some significant progress on the PDSvN dress in the form of actually getting the slver trim on the kirtle skirt. It's significant in that I wasn't convinced it was going to look ok until I got it on and now that it's pretty I WANT to work on it some more. YAY! I took pix but haven't edited them for posting yet, nor have I update the webpage, but gimme a few minutes. Jeeze! Now i have a big decesion as to whether I'm gong to pull a bunch of the boning out of the kirtle and wear it over my new effigy bodies or keep it as is.

In other news, I got to pick up my new ring on Saturday! WHEEEE! I am an antique jewelry whore, and I've had this sucker on hold since October. It's a giNORmous cushion cut pink tourmaline in a platinum filagree setting made in the early 20's. I'm like a magpie with a sparkly thing. I get distracted and stare at it and stroke it, my precioussssssssss... *happy* *happy* 
Pretty sparklies = crack for Alyxx. :-)
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Ok, the Pfalzgräfin Dorothea Sabina von Neuburg dress from JA's PoF has a train. And I like it. I've cut my skirt with a train but the reality is that I'll be wearing this outdoors over dirt, rocks, twigs, etc. 

I've see the Holbein sketch of the Tudor dress kirtled up in the back but I've never seen anything showing later period dresses pinned up. Is there such an example out there? Or any such evidence as to what late period ladies did with their trains out of doors? I really don't want to cut the skirt straight but I will if kirtling was just not done around 1600.

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