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Ok, I was happy to have won some scrummy baby pink silk twill from [personal profile] sarahbellemon ebay which has arrived (thank you!).

The funny thing is, it is radically different than the dreamy "silk twill" I bought for my Anna Meyer gown. hurmmmm. What the heck did I buy?

The AM fabric is a twill weave and both warp & weft burn up as silk. The "right side" of the fabric is a diamond white with a lovely sheen that glows like candlelight. The "wrong side" is like a ground fabric in a dark creme that has very little sheen. I wonder if this is a 2-ply or 4ply twill, maybe?

Texture-wise, the twill from Sarah is more like a really heavy charmeuse. It's drapey and watery and flows in nice large ripples. The AM twill has a crispness to it like tafetta. It's fairly heavy but it behaves like tafetta. It is truly the most amazing fabric I've ever touched, but now I don't know what it is!

As for Sarah's shell pink silk twill, it's so beautiful and I just had to buy it, but I don't know what to make with it! LOL! It's 3 yards by 45" and I'm taking suggestions!  
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I did it! I made a Kamikazi run to downtown at lunch just to see if I could make it there and back, plus shop, in a reasonable amount of time. It wasn't bad... it takes half an hour each way including parking right off Maple, and I took half an hour to shop so in 1.5 hours I was able to flip the bird to Calico Corners in a financial way.

I did learn a few things by this trip...
1) Know what I want before I go, and that means how much, too. There's no time for browsing or mental figuring. You go in, you get fabric, you get out. Like a military operation.
2) In half an hour of shopping, I'm not gettin' off 9th Street. Don't get me wrong, 9th is my favorite street - but there isn't time to hit the trim shop AND Home Fabrics in the same trip.

I know, I know, you wanna know what I bought... Fabric whores - all of ya!

I got enough silver trim for the PDSvN kirtle, pewter silk dupioni for an Anglaise, and the most amazing changeable silk taffeta for the CC'07 Sekrit Gala Project - I don't even know how to describe it... it's the color of sky blue, but not the kind of sky blue you get in Los Angeles. The kind of sky blue that's almost too dark to be real. Not cornflower, but a crisp, cool, medium blue that looks like the sky in a fairytale. The warp threads are a soft gold color so it looks like a sunset. *sigh* I spoil myself sometimes.

The bad news is I was also looking for a cheap 18c printed cotton to do the test-run Anglaise to go over the quilted petticoat. What I found instead was an incredible taupe linen covered in silk embroidery at $65/yd. I can dream, can't I?
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Looks like my new favorite seller hs more vintage saris with symmetrical designs. I'm hungry for more!
I just can't help myself!
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Sometimes I get lucky on ebay. tee hee! My three vintage saris came today and they are soooooooo beautiful!

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If you live in/near Los Angeles, F&S fabrics is having a blowout in their discount shop. Their regular store and home decorating store as still as expensive as ever, but the discount shop (SE corner of Pico & Manning, one block east of Overland) is selling everything for $5/yard. There's a lot of crap but there's also great finds if you dig. I got some lovely carnation felted wool, some iridescent cotton voile, some embroidered cotton organdy, 100% silk canvas, and a beautiful cotton cut velvet. They have cotton velvets & velveteens, some lovely silks that would work for victorian stuff up to modern, very little in the way of sheers or lightweights for underthings, but you might find some where I did not.

Happy Hunting! :-)

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