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Have you ever noticed how much more often we all updated our websites before this whole LJ thang came along? I don't even know how long my site had been down, it had been so long since I went to it. :-(

Well, now that I have to find a new host, and I've been meaning to get pages up on the CC clothes and rearrange my daughter's pages, I'm actually working on it again. LOL! It's fun and it gives me something to do now that I'm not frantically sewing for Costume College.

I do have a to do list brewing:
16c Nobleman - client
PDSvN - my lazy a$$
16c dress - me
16c Nobleman - another client

It looks like I'm stuck in the 16c for the next year! That's not bad, except that I'm oddly desiring to do nothing but 18c. I've started binding my Diderot stays and I really do want to throw together the chemise dress, just to have it. Then I have the gray & yellow Anglaise and the Kyoto zone-front to make. I have all the materials for every one of these outfits except the two client-driven noblemen.

Now all I need is enough energy to do it all!

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