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Any ideas out there?
If I see a fresh friend's post I can see and comment on it. If it has a comment already on it, even if it's my own, I see this at the bottom of their page and cannot click anything to see the comments. If I click the Check All box and the Expand button I go to an error page that says I haven't selected an action. SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Also, neither the new nor old versions are not letting me insert images! LiveJournal, your "improvements" are... not.



Feb. 8th, 2008 04:41 pm
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The fabric stamping page is up!

My site is still doing some weird things so there's an unfinished sentence at the bottom I couldn't correct, but at least the page is there.

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So, I'm going to change my LJ to Friends Only, just for my own peace of mind.

Please comment here if you'd like to be friend-ed and aren't already. :-)

ETA: If you're already on the list, in the words of Mr. Bennett, " We can't avoid the aquaintence now."
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Ok, so I am being eaten alive by thoughts of the gowns I need to make asap - namely, the Viscountess gown - so I thought I'd take my JoAnn's 40% off coupon down today and go get at least the base velvet for it. I still hadn't decided on dark red, dark blue or black, and much depends on the trim I find since Santa did not bring me the trim on my wish list. :-(

I called Joann's before I drove all the way over there and they said they had NO 100% cotton velvet nor velveteen. Plenty of poly, she said helpfully. No, thank you. So Claire and I went downtown. I always forget how close I am and on a weekday parking ain't so bad.

The first store I passed through has 44" black 100% cotton velvet for $3.99/yd, and 60" navy or green cotton velvet of a very nice quality for $4.99/yd. I went in search of trim and would match what I could find when I was done.

Then I found trim. Now, it's not as nice as the stuff I asked Santa for, but it IS handmade bullion trim and it was $5/yd in 5 yard bundles. I got 2 bundles and may get more if I need it. It's bright and dark gold bullion on a bronze shot ground with little olive stones at the flower centers.

I went back to the velvet man and held the trim up to the three colors. The blue velvet was the prettiest but the trim went best with the green velvet. Unfortunately, I really didn't like the green - it was a little too towards kelly and not dark enough for my taste. I ruled out the blue just because the whole dress spectrum I have to work in will be shifted to the blue/teal/green end, so I went with black. It will be very pretty.

And the total bill for this trip was $86 including parking. WOOT! And if anyone is in need of $5/yd 60" navy or mid-green cotton velvet, you can't beat this stuff! Reply here and I'll tell you where it is.

I'll edit this to add pictures of my finds as soon as I charge up the camera battery. And eat some dinner. I'm starving. :-)
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Merry Christmas to all my friends, far and near! I hope your holidays are peaceful, low stress, and cheerful, whatever holiday you celebrate. I love you!

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Ok, just because this might help me get going, so far this is what I need to get done in 2008:

Man's Elizabethan court suit for client:
Done: planning stages begun
Requirements: wants venetians not slops,;likes green best; I'm leaning towards something more Italian in style; mulling over bright apple green venetians since no one ever uses it, paired with maybe a darker green brocade or black velvet doublet. Me like.

Elizabethan Viscountess dress for me: needed by mid-March!
Done: almost nothing. Every time I bend my mind to it I get sucked into the Queen dress. I have some trims I could use in the stash, but I'm pretty much starting from nothing on this one.
Requirements: It must fit into the precedence look of Guild of St. George and they dress better than any other group I've seen. Main fabric should be velvet of a jewel tone, other dresses in the group tend to be all in the reds/rusts with one blue dress in the mix. The men all seem to be in blues & greens. I might go green. There are two black dresses, but I'm contemplating black so I can go with the red & gold forepart & sleeves I'm already making for the queen dress. They will be grand enough and not cost me any more money and save me time. LOL! Any other color velvet you can think of that would go with a bright red forepart? Can't use bright red. :-(

Queen dress for me: probably not needed until Costume College
Done: all planning stages, all materials purchased, skirt cut & sewn, bodice toiled
Requirements: I have it in my mind that this should go together in a very particular sequence to make sure it all fits perfectly. At this point I need to get my filigree pieces gold plated so I can get create the guarding on the skirt before I pleat the waist. So I'm stuck waiting on the plating. Oh, I'll still need to find a decent wig.

PDSvN dress for me: looks like a 16c year for me, eh?
I have everything for this, I just want to finally get it done. It's not grand enough to wear with St. George and it's probably too grand to get away with it for St. Ives (silver trim) so I'm stuck with wanting it done but with no place to wear it. It would be great to use in St. Ives if I could get it past costume check... must work on that.
This one is not too far from being done, actually. I need to slash the sleeve linings, pleat the overskirt and sew up the doublet, which is already toiled. Oh, and decide on an undersleeve style and get to it.

Considering what's on my plate, I'm guessing these are all I'll be wearing to CC'08. I can't imagine fitting something else in there, though I still desire to finish my chemise dress.
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I was Christmas shopping with my daughter today and we passed a big stack of sewing machines, so she turns to me and says, "Mommy, why don't you sew anymore?"

Why indeed.

It doesn't help that I'm sick as a dog right now, but I've barely sewn a stitch since that suit sucked the life out of me for Costume College. I have stuff I need and want to work on but I just can't make myself sit down and do it. I keep accumulating supplies for the latest projects but the machine stays unplugged. My brain is actually doing all the things it does when I'm working on something, like spinning through construction processes while I'm trying to get to sleep, but then I don't do any of them when I'm awake.

What do you guys do to get you back in the mood?
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To the knitters out there in LJ-land, since there seem to be so many of you these days, may I pimp (ahem) I present my sister-in-law's company, Curius Creek Fibers. She really does dye each skein in their garage.

She has spinning fibers as well if you want to spin your own. Enjoy! :-) 
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Well, what say you, Great Oracle! Seen anything that qualifies?
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Any suggestions for a place that can do gold plating, local to Los Angeles? Any ideas what that costs?
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Ok, if I'm going to ask for a new iron for Christmas, what do you recommend and why?
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What fun!

Last Saturday I got to play as Queen Elizabeth for the first time and I am hooked!

Things that were fabulous: 
1) HeLLOOO! Being Queen! :-)
2) Being supported by the Guild of St. George. They are the gold standard of Courtiers and their costuming and character research are meticulous and considered. They made my job easy and looked great doing it!
3) Wandering the Huntington for the day. There are truly few places on earth more beautiful than this.
4) Badger's period cooking - I only wish I could have eaten more of it!
5) Gar's photos!
6) Perfect weather. Sunny and bright but not too hot.

Things that were not fabulous:
1) It was only one day
2) I didn't have time to make my own dress, though the dress Jeff had for me was a treat itself.

One thing I really liked was that we were portraying one day. Yup. While many groups aim to recreate "a chapter, not a page", we were recreating a sentence. :-) It was the first day of 21-Elizabeth - or November 17th, 1578 - and we are at the Accession Day festivities on Richmond Green after 11 weeks of Progress. *whew* The cool thing is that you can eliminate a great deal of what you have to know by scratching everything after that date. The hard part is that you have to know enough about that date and what comes before to have a convincing conversation with a patron who may know more than you do! The Huntington audience is educated, interested and SOBER! A far cry from the masses at the faire, LOL! If I have it right, we did make one exception to the date - Humphrey Gilbert wold have been at sea fro maybe a month, so we let him stick around a hair longer than he did. And the Huntington had one other date-exception: they had a band of players doing Shakespeare, and he would have been something like 11 years old. Both minor exceptions I could easily live with. LOL! What a difference from the big faire!

Anyway, it was great fun, and probably the best situation I could have hoped for to start with the role. Photos of the whole day are here on Gar's site, and a couple of me as her nibs behind the cut. :-) Pix are kinda big so be forewarned...

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So, I have a Halloween party to go to tomorrow and I have nothing to wear.


How does that happen? To me?
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Oh, my darlings, you all have worked so hard this week that you deserve a treat. A treat so wonderful I can hardly contain myself!

To quote the host site...
What happens when you play back a prerecorded synthesizer track at 48k instead of the intended 44.1k?
Click here to find out!

I laughed and laughed and laughed, then felt a little sorry for the boys, then laughed some more...
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So I was measuring my daughter tonight for her costume and she, of course, had to measure me.

According to the budding young surveyor, I am exactly 35" tall when sitting on the floor.

The DH feels this is a highly underrated measurement.
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From the wonderful mind of [personal profile] sarahbellem...

Costumers all tend to have a specific era or genre that appeals to us aesthetically, which is fine, but sometimes we get too focused and fail to appreciate other eras or genres that might suit our body type, our facial features, or even just challenge us to think outside the box a little bit. So, I'm opening the floor for suggestions: Give me one costume you'd want me to wear, and why. Picture links appreciated. :)

And then spread this meme like SARS and I'll try to do the same for you!
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I found a coat from the 50's in a second hand store... it's a hideous pastel plaid in all your favorite easter colors, in a fuzzy mohair fabric...


It had the most amazing baby blue fox fur collar that I had to have it! The collar is as large as a stole, wraps completely around the shoulders, close to 2 feet wide in the back, and in PERFECT condition.

Did I mention is was baby blue?

I just don't know what to do with it now... Any suggestions?
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Ok, so would it bug all y'all to pieces if I got the plus account with the ads? I want more userpics and don't wanna pay for 'em.

Obligatory Costume Content: I can't win fer loosin', as they say...

I'm dying to work on my queen dress but I seriously can't do anything until I can get my hands on brass jewel settings so I know how wide to make the silk guards. And I'm too broke to buy them right now. :-(

I could work on the PDSvN dress since I can't work on Queenie, but since I want to work on Queenie so badly I can't get up the interest to work on the PDSvN.

I know. pathetic.
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The 5 Questions meme, graciously provided by [profile] edmndclotworthy

If you want to, respond to this post and I'll try to come up with five questions to ask you!

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