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Does anyone local to the mid-wilshire/westide area have a sewing machine service place they can recommend?

I own 4 machines. 4. Not one of them is working properly right now and I'm about to pitch them all out the window. Living on the 10th floor would make the resulting smash quite satisfying.

Not one of my 3 regular machines will currently wind a bobbin and after sitting for half an hour and winding one by hand I've discovered that the tension is unsuitable and won't sew properly.

Now is not the time I need to spend a week getting my machine serviced. Then again, it's not like it will be functioning if I hung on to it. I am this close to pitching it all in and skipping CC altogether.

Hell hath no fury like a sewer with a deadline whose machines don't work. It has been a character flaw of mine since childhood that I get really bent out of shape when things I'm trying to work with stop working. So here I am once again with machines that won't work and all my plans in the toilet. Not happy at all. I need someone who can service an Adler Belvedere and not take a week to do it.
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So, last month I blew up Don's car, right? So we've been trying to get around town in my Miata, which is a two person car for a three person family. It's been fun.

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