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May. 5th, 2006 07:33 am
lovetriangle: (Mucha 4)
Well, between company coming from out of town and general idleness, I've sat on my hands all week and couldn't take it anymore. I'll never get the PDSvN dress done in time for last day (May 21st) so I started up work again on my generic English red dress, found here, so I can have something new to wear for closing. I did a fair amount of work on it before so I should be able to get it done in two weeks.
The bodice is done - crooked lacing holes and all.
The skirt is 1/3 done - need to hem and trim bottom then pad pleats & attach to bodice. The trim on this dress is simple bias strips about 2" wide of red velveteen & embroidered wool. Nothin' fancy but still pretty and easy to do.
I have puffed & paned sleeve heads already cut out. I just need to sew all the strips and combine into the sleeve head. I think I'll also put a small slashed welt of velveteen in that seam.

Things to decide:
1) What to use as the accent fabric under the sleeve panes. Red silk will be too monochromatic. I have a brown shot silk or a white silk now. Maybe olive or peach silk?
2) Do I want to add waist tabs? That will be the last thing to make and determined by how much time I have after completing the other items.
3) What to do for lower sleeves? I don't think I have enough of the embroidered wool to make solid sleeves, but I might have enough in bias strips to make it striped length-wise with velveteen welts. hmmmm, sounds nice. Maybe I'll do that...

I'll be wearing the taupe petticoat from the venetian and probably the small bum roll I just made for the fitted English dress (just recut from the old surcote). 
This was a concept image done in Photoshop. I hadn't decided what to do for the lower sleeves, and the overskirt is closed & trimmed down the front and around the hem with both velveteen and embroidered wool. The bodice is embroidered wool with a velveteen guard. The rest of the dress is linen.

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