Jun. 15th, 2007

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Well, I didn't get into Kendra OR Sarah's classes. :-( I did get the goldwork embroidery class (YAY!) and the wire mask-making class. Wait-listed for the pressing matters class.

As for posting my list of what I'm wearing, that would imply that I'm going to get anything done. As you can tell from my last few posts, I am skeptical on this point.

I did get a little more done on binding the edges of the little paned sleeve-head pieces for Pinkie. I'm REALLY hoping I get that thing finished this weekend so I can start on the gala outfit.

If I get the gala outfit done with any time left (which is doubtful) then I'll try to get a chemise dress together. I really want to make that Kyoto zone-front jacket for that. Yeah. Um. Ok.

I need a vacation. Or a time-turner!
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Oh my God! I didn't even take into account that I will HAVE to spend precious, precious Costume College sewing time READING THE LAST HARRY POTTER BOOK!

Ok, here's what I'm wearing:
1. jeans
2. jeans
3. jeans
4. jeans

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