Jun. 19th, 2007

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Pinkie is almost done; just turning back the front edge of the skirt and whipping up the back seam of the sleeves. I have to decide on a few details... buttons or ties on the sleeves? To partlet or not to partlet? The desired shoulder and neck ruffs will depend on a lucky shopping trip. If I don't find what I need cheap it's a no-go. This thing is more like a Fat Tuesday costume than anything I could wear to a period event - maybe for May Day - so I don't want to spend any more money on it.

The Gala outfit, though... well, that's another matter. *grin* I just drafted out my base pattern from a good source and I'm dyin' to work on it! But it is for a much different body type than I am. Do I make it fit me? Or do I shape my underthings so I fit IT with more accurate lines?

I've never made anything remotely like this before. At all. I've looked at countless photos of the real thing and there are just some details I can't suss out. If I show up in something already on my website, you'll know something went horribly wrong.

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