May. 18th, 2007

lovetriangle: (shanghai)
Yes, I'm impatient... what of it?

I have been waiting for my Pink Venetian fabric for weeks now. The mailman tried to deliver it and no one was home so he left a slip that did not say if they would try to redeliver it, nor did it say which post office has it.

On top of that, this is a sari from India and the design on the listing is perfect. The seller has a microscopic note on their listing saying something like "may not be actual pattern but all patterns are very nice." So when I bought it I emiald and said I really the the pattern of the one in the photo or something very similar. They replied that they had mailed it already so they didn't know if it was the same pattern but all the patterns were nice so they were sure I'd like it. (!)

Last time I bought something like this, I got a nice sari but not at ALL patterned like the picture. It has been sitting unused in my stash for years since. If I get a nasty stripe or something I'm gonna be pissed.

Of course, that would require me actually GETTING my hands on it... *sigh*

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