Oct. 5th, 2007

lovetriangle: (shanghai)
Ok, I was happy to have won some scrummy baby pink silk twill from [personal profile] sarahbellemon ebay which has arrived (thank you!).

The funny thing is, it is radically different than the dreamy "silk twill" I bought for my Anna Meyer gown. hurmmmm. What the heck did I buy?

The AM fabric is a twill weave and both warp & weft burn up as silk. The "right side" of the fabric is a diamond white with a lovely sheen that glows like candlelight. The "wrong side" is like a ground fabric in a dark creme that has very little sheen. I wonder if this is a 2-ply or 4ply twill, maybe?

Texture-wise, the twill from Sarah is more like a really heavy charmeuse. It's drapey and watery and flows in nice large ripples. The AM twill has a crispness to it like tafetta. It's fairly heavy but it behaves like tafetta. It is truly the most amazing fabric I've ever touched, but now I don't know what it is!

As for Sarah's shell pink silk twill, it's so beautiful and I just had to buy it, but I don't know what to make with it! LOL! It's 3 yards by 45" and I'm taking suggestions!  

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