Feb. 18th, 2007

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So, there has been water pouring out of the ceiling in 2 of my 3 bathrooms since 4pm. I can hear water pouring down the inside of the walls behind the 3rd bathroom. They JUST sent the plumber who is now going upstairs to see what's going on with that, but now my whole house stinks like wet plaster and I am quite sure we'll have stinking walls and mold from now until doomsday.

On top of that, I kept Claire's door closed to keep it from getting stinky in there and I walked in there to EVEN MORE STINK than the rest of the place. Her radiator is spewing steam up the wall that is now hotter than hades, and the carpet is wet around it. Different problem, same stink.

Me No Happy. :-(

Obligatory costume content: Effigy Stays - only 10 eyelets left to do. New Hoops - butt pillow is jettisoned; the whole thing looks great with the new bumroll worn under it.

You know, I've been making Elizabethan clothing for over 25 years, and have been doing it fairly well for at least a few of those, but every time I deviate from my tried & true undergarments to make something new, I feel like I'm starting over again to get the damn thing right. *sigh* Ah well, it will be cool when they're done.
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That in my efforts to find out what was gong on with the radiator in Claire's room I tugged on the footboard of her bed and snapped it clean off? The brand-new, big-girl bed we just got her. I am no superhero but that wood cracked like cheap balsa.


And it looks like the flood was a broken pipe in a vacant unit 2 floors above us, which is why no one came for 3 hours after we reported water streaming through our ceiling. *sigh*

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