Jan. 3rd, 2007

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I admire all of you out there who are brave enough to make lists of what you've done last year and what you plan to do for the coming year. I am not so foolish as to think I'll get anything done that I plan to. In fact, other than the doll, and my completely unplanned Victorian dress for Halloween, oh, and Claire's mermaid costume, I got absolutely NOTHING done in 2006. I guess that is to say, nothing I had planned on finishing in 2006 got finished. Anna Meyer, Grape Elizabethan, PDSvN, 1879 in good fabric, and 2 special sekrit projects, all in exactly the same state they were in on 1/1/06, or near to.

So my resolution equation spelled out in my last post went in to effect on the first. I hauled out 2 machines, an iron & board and got to work. At this point, everything is being held up by the need of a new farthingale so, as mind-numbingly boring as that is, it's what's up now. I had this already drafted and cut in a linig cotton and shell of silk, based on the pattern in the Tudor Tailor (I love Ninya!), so I just needed to get sewing. After two days of constant interuption and furniture moving (Claire has a big-girl bed!) I have two, yes TWO seams sewn and pressed. No WONDER I got nothing finished in 2006!

At this rate, I will have my new farthingale sometime around November of 2008 and can proceed with my planned dresses then.


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