Feb. 15th, 2007

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I am looking for some natural-fiber velveteen or velvet to replace my dusty plum (which had unintended one-way stretch) for a new English gown I need to make asap. So, maybe someone out there in lj-land has seen some for a decent price.

I am picky about color but not limited to one or another. I want something that isn't super common, so no jewel-tone burgundy, blue, emerald, etc. It has to go with black and ivory fixin's, i.e. I have black passementerie for trim, black silk-satin & black on ivory crewelwork for sleeves, and ivory voided velvet for the forepart. The main body of the dress can be any period color that is interesting... I'm leaning toward an apple green, a salmon pink, a dark plum. I once wanted orange but that would make it a Halloween dress. See what I mean? I'd love to use dark red but they get a little pissy about wearing the same color as the queen.

So, the fabric can be all cotton or any natural fiber blend involving cotton, silk, linen, or mohair. No synthetics please, and I'd like to keep it under $8/yard - not easy but not unheard of. My eyes are starting to blur from looking and I'm sick of vendors that aren't truthful or knowledgeable about the fiber content of their own products.

Seen anything? Anyone?
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My daughter is dancing around the room singing, "I'm a pretty nutbag!" to the tune of Rhinestone Cowboy.

That is all.

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