Date: 2007-12-11 10:55 am (UTC)
Ok, just to add another woman's hat to the equation:
Death and the Lady
The lady is in one of those high crowned hats (which I don't like so I didn't make it for my recreation of the gown). But "Death" is wearing a buff or brown or perhaps reddish coloured hat!

As to men's hats. What about the white leather ones in Janet Arnold? Or will your questioner say they are not English??? I don't have JA to hand as I'm at work but she seems to think its ok to use some continental clothing to apply to English useage.

I found Kat Rowberd's Elizabethan Geek Costuming Review and checked out just the men's clothing.

Where there ARE hats worn they are either in monochrome image - so one cannot tell if they are black or not. Or they are black. However there are also a lot of portraits of men who are NOT wearing hats at all! And no sign of the hat in the portrait either - which is frustrating I have to say! Even the Blackfriars Procession (QEI with lots of courtiers around her for the wedding of one of her maid's) has lots of gentleman and NOT ONE has his hat on or with him.

Just in the Elizabethan Geek there are 60 images with Elizabethan Men in them. Out of those 60:
15 (25%) are in Monochrome - so we can't tell WHAT colour the hat is.
25 (41%) are in colour (with a couple of monochrome images) and have hats on and these are definitely black.
1 (2%) colour portrait has a hat which is NOT black.
18 (30%) are of men (in colour or not in colour) with NO hat on!
1 (2%) portrait has some hats in black and some not!

Though we have the majority with Black Hats, a close second is NO hat and close behind that are images where the colour is not clear at all!

I think it is dangerous to categorically say that x colour of n is always worn and not any other colour! There will always be at least ONE exception to that rule!

Another example is ruffs. The portraits invariably show them white. But we have written evidence of them in yellow and blue! But as re-enactors, because the visual evidence shows them always as white, that’s what we wear!
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