Mar. 19th, 2007

lovetriangle: (PDSvN)
Towards the end of every work week I look forward to the weekend and all the good sewing time so I can make progress on my projects. Then, come Monday morning, I chastise myself for the little or nothing I actually got done.

It's about time I wake up and smell the machine oil.

I do nothing on the weekends, sewing-wise. Never have, Never will. I like to loaf, read, hang out with my family, eat. That's what my weekends are. There's no point in beating myself up over my non-productiveness during time well spent doing other lazy things.

I get the most done on weekday evenings when the DH is teaching. I'll just have to let that be.

On to the Costume Question(tm):
I am planning the pinking & slashing design for the inside of the PDSvN hanging sleeves. I have a good chisel for the larger slashes, but what do I use for the little tiny holes? I tried my awl on a test piece but the holes close up too much since it doesn't actually break any threads. I am a little wary about using something like the tip of an exacto because it's hard to get the exact same size of cuts every time from an angled blade like that.

Any tips? It will be on dupioni with a VERY light iron-on backing.

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