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First, let me say that every time I drive into the valley in summer removes at least 1 month of b*tching about the rent I pay NOT to live in that heat! According to Yahoo Weather, it hit 98 degrees of "fair" in Northridge today. In my black topped, black interior, non-air-conditioned Miata, it was closer to 418 degrees. Putting a 3 year old in that was just cruel of me, but necessary to get us to the party. In Northridge. In Summer. 

Let's add, just for fun, a bad set of directions from Mapquest because there are 3 different Nordhoff streets in this little bermuda triangle. Throw a little 101 North traffic into the mix and you have all the makin's of FUN! Claire was not amused at this car ride and every minute I spent driving around looking for the play-place brought me closer to hysteria. I go psycho in heat. I go psycho when I get lost. I went psycho. My long-suffering husband was able to steer me to the place with a better set of directions and a soothing voice, though I'm pretty sure he was considering divorce. Sorry honey. :-)

We get there and it is heavily air conditioned - thank GOD! Claire took off her shoes, per the rules, and ran around like a mad child in complete joy until one of the workers grabbed her and said, "We're Under the Sea! Don't you want to be a mermaid?" "Yes!" giggled my child, and she was promptly stuck in a child's mermaid dress/costume that hasn't been washed since it was made. I recoiled inwardly but she had such a good time in it that I contented myself with visions of her in a nice bubble bath and let her have her fun.

The good news is that the facilities and equipment were very clean and well maintained and there was no ball-pit-of-doom to contend with. The whole group got a visit from Ariel the Mermaid - although I suspect she was really Ariel's cousin from somewhere off the coast of Baja - and they all had a wonderful time with games, magic, and face painting.

Seeing Claire with a giant grin plastered on her face for 2 hours was worth it. :-)

Alas, eventually I had to talk her into leaving when they wanted to kick us out, and stuff her back into Dante's car, where she burst into sweating and promptly smeared her face paint all over her clothes & hair. A pound and a half of baby wipes and a complete wipedown when we got home and off to a successful nap.

Now I will kindly ask [profile] sewphisticate to pass the G&T and I'll put my feet up.
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It is being held at an "indoor playground" - picture a slightly more sophisticated version of a McDonald's Playland area. I'm sure Claire will have the time of her life.

I, however, am rather Howard Hughes-ian about germs and feel like I'm stepping into the Bog of Eternal Stench. I'm getting the heebies just thniking about it.

*searching franticaly for my Purell*
Wish me luck.

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