Jul. 10th, 2006 04:01 pm
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Hey, who's going to Bristol when? I might be able to make a day trip from Minneapolis after my gig in August....
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Thank you SO much for lending us Joseph & Stacy (Ralegh & Dudley). What a wonderful, funny, and well dressed pair they are! This has been a very fun run, and I can now say the Rikki has done SOMETHING I can approve of. LOL!

I'm sure she'll sleep better at night knowing that... 

*muses* does the Devil sleep? *hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*
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When I don't have to worry all day about getting to this song set, or that dance set, I have time to relax and wander aimlessly around the faire, visiting as I go. And when I have that luxury, a funny thing happens. I collect a small band of handsome, well-dressed gentlemen who flatter me ruthlessly and bring me chocolates and lemonade. *sigh* Why can't life be like this all the time? Why can't all my clothes be like my Venetian gown? Why can't all spiffy men in spiffy clothes treat me like I'm IN my Venetian dress even when I'm not?

Mysteries to be pondered but never to be answered... This is what playing dress-up is all about!

It also gets me quite fired up to finish the PDSvN dress before I go back out there in 3 weeks. Can it be done? Another mystery to ponder...
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and the head cheeses are talking, blah blah blah when I notice through my lack-of-coffee-haze that the stage backdrop is painted with this weird sort of stonehenge-esque image with a brightly colorful sunset above it... very odd looking.

Wanna know about the rest of my day? )

My last comment on the day is that Rikki Kipple is the Devil.
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So, who's in town for the SoCal Ren Faire? I'll probably be out 3 or 4 days this year and I'd love to meet any of you that are planning to attend. It runs April 8th-May 21st.

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