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I actually updated my site and my PDSvN page! YAY ME! LOL!

Check it out if you're interested at all in my lack of progress on this dress, or want to see pix of the finished effigy bodies...

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So, there has been water pouring out of the ceiling in 2 of my 3 bathrooms since 4pm. I can hear water pouring down the inside of the walls behind the 3rd bathroom. They JUST sent the plumber who is now going upstairs to see what's going on with that, but now my whole house stinks like wet plaster and I am quite sure we'll have stinking walls and mold from now until doomsday.

On top of that, I kept Claire's door closed to keep it from getting stinky in there and I walked in there to EVEN MORE STINK than the rest of the place. Her radiator is spewing steam up the wall that is now hotter than hades, and the carpet is wet around it. Different problem, same stink.

Me No Happy. :-(

Obligatory costume content: Effigy Stays - only 10 eyelets left to do. New Hoops - butt pillow is jettisoned; the whole thing looks great with the new bumroll worn under it.

You know, I've been making Elizabethan clothing for over 25 years, and have been doing it fairly well for at least a few of those, but every time I deviate from my tried & true undergarments to make something new, I feel like I'm starting over again to get the damn thing right. *sigh* Ah well, it will be cool when they're done.
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More and more of the little buggers *ahem* lacing eyelets are getting covered with pretty pink floss. :-) I'm almost done with front and back holes on one side.

For the new hoops, I had to get more supplies to finish them so I didn't last night, but now I have to make a new bum roll, too. I made them from the Tudor Tailor pattern and I really like the shape of the hoops and how the little butt-pillow keeps the whole thing resting to the back; however, my bum roll sits too high on the pillow. If I unstuff the pillow a bit that will probably shift the skirt too far forward or make the back angle down, so now I need to make a wider but smaller diameter roll.
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I have had to work from home all afternoon and even though I have to wait a bit for my connection to the server I am sitting in a very comfy chair in my pajamas with Sense & Sensibilty on in the background. THIS is the way work SHOULD be!

In stay news, I got all the brass rings whipstitched to worked lacing holes on one half, front & back. 27 more to go on the other half, and then the sheer joy of buttonholing all 54 of them!

I sure hope this thing fits! I'm a little worried about the linen canvas stretching... :-(
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The binding is done! The binding is done! Callooh Callay, I chortle in my Joy!

I am FAR too impatient to wait for a mail order to arrive, despite the good advice from [personal profile] sarahbellem and [profile] peggyelizabeth. I went to Michael's and got some brass jumprings, as recommended by [personal profile] myladyswardrobe, and pink cotton floss since I couldn't find silk buttonhole in the right color. I have marked out my lacing holes. All 60 of them. Remind me again why I thought lacing in front and back was a good idea?

Now I just have to sit down and start stitching...  

Hey [personal profile] sarahbellem, when you made your effigy that laced front & back, did you make lacing holes all the way down the back tabs or did you stop at the waist? I'm inlcined to stop at the waist, but I shudder to think I'd make a bad decision out of laziness... bbbwwwwAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*gasp* *ahem* sorry...
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3/4 of the way done with the binding... we hates it, we do! But almost done. Then I'm thinking if I end up wearing this to the Sundie Undie breakfast, I can't use grommets. ggggrrrrrrrrr. Of course it's laced front AND back... double gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I want metal rings to support the lacing holes but can't find any that aren't split. Has anyone used washers with success?
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Got lots done on the pink effigy bodies over the weekend. All my boning is in, pieces are joined, seam allowances (semi-)neatly stitched down, lacing edges finished.

All that's left is the edge binding and lacing holes.

"All that's left?" I hear you cry? Yes, I know lacing holes and edge binding are the most tedious and time-consuming parts, especially since I am lacing this up front AND back (I won't be the same size by summer) but since this is a grand experiment, I'm probably going to use grommets instead of hand-bound holes. And the binding, I can do while I watch tv at night if Claire will not interrupt me every 2 seconds. Big IF, I know...
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Didn't have pink thread, used peach thread. Ran out of peach thread on spool, used tan thread on spool and peach thread on bobbin (bobbin side is the outside). Ran out of peach thread on the bobbin, had to stop.

ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I think it's a government conspiracy.
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I worked for HOURS last night! Well, I tried to work for hours last night. What I really did was get interupted for hours last night. I did manage to get one more tweak to the shoulder strap angle, got the stays cut out, and got the boning chanels marked. So maybe I'll actually get sewing on them tonight! I should be so lucky... LOL!

I decided at the last minute that instead of making them out of the same sand silk as the hoops, I'm making them out of a left-over piece of salmon pink dupioni. Pink effigy stays - what joy! :-) I'm happy just thinking about them :-)

... hmmmm, I hope I still have pink thread...

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