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Ok, I have been jealous of costume college attendees for several years now since I have always had some kind of conflict that keeps me from going. My envy grows each year as pictures of all the pretties are posted, but now, I made it over for the Sundie Undie breakfast and if I don't get to go to this damned thing next year, as my mother would say, "Well, I don't know what!"

Breakfast was lovely (thanks again to [personal profile] koshka_the_cat for the breakfast ticket) and filled with good conversation and good company. Pity we couldn't all sit together. I ran out of grommets the night before so my corset was not ready; I was forced to dig out my 30's negligee from the back of the closet. I was so inspired by everyone else's corsets that I bought more grommets in the dealer room and finished it as soon as I got home. :-)

Now that I have been able to peek at Kat's pictures, I am agog at the beautiful sacq-backs. Cindy, Lauren, Kendra, Sarah, Jenny's bee dress, Colleen's Erte, there are too many pretties to list them all! I am awed and inspired by our little community. :-) Bravi, all!
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So, I'm coming up for air between looking for a job, ramping up for Traviata, and cleaning the house for an impending mother-in-law visit that commences tomorrow. But now I am behind on so many friend postings that I can't find the info on the CC underwear breakfast. Can anyone hip me to the time & place? I have no idea what I'll wear, but I'll come up with something...

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