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The 5 Questions meme, graciously provided by [profile] edmndclotworthy

1) Is your LJ user name a tennis score, a geometric shape or something else?
Ok, it was the name of my hubby's & my first band - Love Triangle - because we had 3 singers; two girls, one guy. It became the shorthand while we were promoting the band around town. I still think that was the best band EVAH so I keep waiting for it to reform.

2) Was that you in the Handsome Prince costume at this year’s Costume College?
LOL! Yes and it was a blast! It's not so nice as [info]edmndclotworthy's Elizabethan Elvis, but I was a hit with the ladies...

Photo courtesy of Chaz

3) As a resident of L.A., do you ever regret that this is mostly all that remains of its full and glorious title of "El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Poriuncula"?
I thought everyone called it that. No? St. Francis would be so disappointed...

4) Where next, overseas, after Austria? (No pressure, here.)
England, of course! :-) I look forward to a time when we can travel again. Claire is starting to be old enough that she will remember trips we make and there are so many places I want to see. I must see England, Scotland and Wales to satisfy those parts of my gene pool; I'd love to see Krakow because I hear it's the most beautiful city in Europe, and that's saying something; I'd like to see Vienna, Saltzburg, Prague, Munich & Budapest again to see what's changed and what hasn't; more exotic places high on my list are Egypt's valley of the kings, Cambodias ruins, St. Petersberg, Rome & the Vatican, for a start...

5) Your history in LA rock bands. Details, please. In particular, where’s the visual and audio evidence?
Locked in the mind of some sleeper agent, only to be released when Love Triangle returns!

So, yeah, Love Triangle started it. Hubby wrote the music and we grabbed various musicians we knew to get it going but we kicked the first "other girl" out before we ever played live. She insisted on writing songs about watching coworker's asses. She had to go. 
That was girl 1, so we got girl 2. She had a really interesting voice but could not hold a harmony to save her life. So much for girl 2.
When we did finally get to play out, it started more acoustic in coffee houses (Nudie's, anyone?), kinda like mamas & the papas, heavy on the harmony, and girl 3 loved it. Then we plugged in, got a harder rockin' bass & drums, and girl 3 never recovered.
Girls 4 & 5 answered ads, did ok for a couple of gigs and flaked out. By this time I was getting pretty damn sick of teaching the same parts!
I can't seem to remember girl 6.
Girl 7 was [profile] chartreusekitty and then I got pregnant. 

This time out, we've decided we'd like to actually get paid for doing that much work so we mostly work as a cover band now doing 50's-70's rock. Most of the band's members liked the name How to Steal a Million but the member who books us hates it and won't use it so we are, as yet, nameless. Still, we get hired so somethin's workin'.

I need to put together a page on the bands just because it's fun. We did some recording but it's pretty rough demo stuff. We have tracks down for a better set but it's not finished. Story of my life, LOL! All my other years of performing around town is in Opera, and there's precious little to prove I ever did that either, other then printed programs. *sigh*

If you want to, respond to this post and I'll try to come up with five questions to ask you!

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