Mar. 12th, 2007

lovetriangle: (PDSvN)
I LOVE Elizabethan clothes! Sing it wid meh!

I got some significant progress on the PDSvN dress in the form of actually getting the slver trim on the kirtle skirt. It's significant in that I wasn't convinced it was going to look ok until I got it on and now that it's pretty I WANT to work on it some more. YAY! I took pix but haven't edited them for posting yet, nor have I update the webpage, but gimme a few minutes. Jeeze! Now i have a big decesion as to whether I'm gong to pull a bunch of the boning out of the kirtle and wear it over my new effigy bodies or keep it as is.

In other news, I got to pick up my new ring on Saturday! WHEEEE! I am an antique jewelry whore, and I've had this sucker on hold since October. It's a giNORmous cushion cut pink tourmaline in a platinum filagree setting made in the early 20's. I'm like a magpie with a sparkly thing. I get distracted and stare at it and stroke it, my precioussssssssss... *happy* *happy* 
Pretty sparklies = crack for Alyxx. :-)

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