Feb. 13th, 2007

lovetriangle: (PDSvN)
More and more of the little buggers *ahem* lacing eyelets are getting covered with pretty pink floss. :-) I'm almost done with front and back holes on one side.

For the new hoops, I had to get more supplies to finish them so I didn't last night, but now I have to make a new bum roll, too. I made them from the Tudor Tailor pattern and I really like the shape of the hoops and how the little butt-pillow keeps the whole thing resting to the back; however, my bum roll sits too high on the pillow. If I unstuff the pillow a bit that will probably shift the skirt too far forward or make the back angle down, so now I need to make a wider but smaller diameter roll.
lovetriangle: (Leon Bakst)
Ok, I've made 3 new bum rolls and I HATE the way they all look with the new hoops. WTF??? I just can't get them to sit right on the little butt-pillow, and the hoops angle to the front without the pillow. I'm gettin' downright angry at this thing.

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