Jan. 6th, 2007

lovetriangle: (PDSvN)
Well, today was supposed to be a sewing day but it was a migraine day instead. One of the worst I've ever had in my 20+years of having migraines and I had no Imitrex. Yay me.

I just got out of bed at 6:30pm and am still too "hung over" to sew, but I did manage to get some pics taken of some fabrics and the quit for the petticoat. The colors on these fabrics were impossible to capture but after some photoshopping I got it sort of close, at least on my monitor in weak incandescent light. LOL!

So here's the rust quilt... I am still undecided on what the top half should look like. I like the anglaise back better on me than a sack back, but since it's cotton I also thought a more casual caraco or zouave coat would be fun. I just can't make up my mind.

Then I remembered I had bought some silk last summer for an 18c dress. It's a pewter color dupioni with a screened print stripe & floral that looks handpainted. The color is very strange to photograph as it's a shot silk of black and very pale yellow, so it's gray, but a really warm gray - like pewter. I have (I think) 5 or 6 yards of it at 55" wide, and it's railroaded so I think I can get an anglaise or polonaise out of it.  laid it next to the rust quilt to see if it would work and I can't say as I'm too fond of it. It's too formal for the cotton quilt to my eyes, so I think I'll have to buy a different cotton or linen floral or stripe to go with the rust petticoat.

I did pull out my pale banana yellow silk and THAT looks great with the gray! Coco Chanel would be proud... LOL!

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